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Tri-Basin NRD Well Decommissioning Cost-Share

Groundwater is a valuable resource, which must be protected. The best way to insure good water quality is to prevent contamination before it occurs. A potential source for groundwater contamination is abandoned and improperly constructed water wells, which provide a direct conduit for pollutants to contaminate an aquifer. Abandoned wells can be found in almost any area. Some are easy to spot; many are hidden and represent a trap for people and animals.

abandoned wellAbandoned and improperly constructed wells allow runoff directly down to the aquifer, often carrying fertilizer and chemical residues into the groundwater. The proper decommissioning of water wells is required by law. The basic concept in the proper decommissioning of wells is to return the well hole as near as possible to original conditions, then filling and properly sealing the well.

Tri-Basin NRD Requirements for Cost-Share: Tri-Basin NRD will cost-share on 60 percent, up to a maximum of $500 on decommissioning of all water wells other than hand-dug wells, and up to a maximum of $700 on hand-dug wells. The work must be performed by a licensed contractor (certified well driller). The Well Decommissioning Cost-Share application must be approved by TBNRD before the work is performed. The landowner has 6 months or until the end of the fiscal year (June 30), whichever comes first, to complete the well abandonment cost-share application and return it to TBNRD. When work is completed, an invoice totaling the cost of the abandonment and a Notice of Water Well Abandonment (that has been approved by DNR) must accompany the completed cost-share application that is sent to TBNRD.


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