TBNRD Groundwater Elevation 2018-2020 vs Baseline

Groundwater Management Rule Revisions


Groundwater Management Information MeetinG

Thursday, July 15, 2021, 1 PM at Windmill Event Center, 521 N. Colorado Ave., Minden, NE

Tri-Basin NRD is proposing revisions to its groundwater management rules.  One proposed change would affect the “trigger” used to determine the circumstances in which portions of the Little Blue River Basin will be subject to additional regulation to protect groundwater supplies.  If you are an irrigator in eastern Kearney County, please plan to attend this informational meeting.  For more information check our website, www.tribasinnrd.org, or call 308 995-6688.


Tri-Basin NRD Little Blue Water User Survey

The purpose of this survey is to provide feedback to the Tri-Basin NRD Board of Directors about management of groundwater in the Little Blue Basin in Kearney County. To view the basin map click here.  Groundwater levels have been declining in eastern Kearney County for several years. Tri-Basin NRD is trying to determine the most effective way to address this problem.