South Central Water Conference

2023 South-Central Water Conference

Hear from the experts on important water issues

Speaker Videos available by clicking on the presentation name.

      Drones in Ag                           

                        Jeff Golus, UNL WCREC Research Manager – North Platte

      Rusty Pivots and Nitrates

                            Mikaela L. Cherry, PHD, USGS Physical Scientist

                        Troy Gilmore, PHD UNL Assoc. Prof. & Groundwater Hydrologist

      Nebraska DNR Projects

                        Tom Riley, NeDNR Director or Jesse Bradley, NeDNR Assistant Director


        Keynote Speaker: Central’s Investment to the Future


                        Devin Brundage, CNPPID General Manager

        Water Resources Update

                        Nick Simonson, LRNRD

                        Craig Scott, US Bureau of Reclamation

                        Nolan Little, TBNRD

                        Tyler Thulin, CNPPID


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