North Dry Creek Drainage District dredging excavator

Land Management

The NRD operates 25 miles of drainage ditches and associated works. The NRD cooperates with local irrigation and drainage districts to maintain an additional 12 miles of drainageways. District personnel also serve our constituents in other ways. NRD personnel and our USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service colleagues survey and design terraces, dams and other conservation practices for local farmers.
Another way we protect the land is by planting trees. Windbreaks planted along field boundaries reduce soil erosion by reducing wind velocity.

Grass Drill Rental

Tri-Basin NRD offers rental of an 8-foot Truax Grass Drill (located at Tri-Basin NRD) and a 12-foot Miller Grass Drill (located at the Elwood NRCS office).

The rental rate is $7.00 per acre with a minimum charge of $50.00. The grass drills are useful in planting bufferstrips and alfalfa.

Call Tri-Basin NRD at 1-877-995-6688 to reserve a time to use the grass drill in the Holdrege area or call the Gosper County NRCS office at (308) 785-3307 to reserve the grass drill in Gosper County.

The Kearney County Pheasants Forever Chapter has minimum till grass drills available for rental at the Kearney County NRCS office. Contact the Kearney County NRCS office at 308-832-1895 for more information.