Board of Directors

Board of Directors

There are 13 members of TBNRD’s Board of Directors, 12 of whom are elected from designated sub-districts and one at-large member. You may see the sub-district location of each director when you select their name.

Tri-Basin NRD Board of Directors meet the second Tuesday of every month, unless otherwise designated. Meetings are held at 1:30 in the afternoon during the months of December, January, February, March, July and August. During the months of April, May, June, September, October and November, board meetings are held at 7:30 in the evening.

Meetings are held at Tri-Basin NRD, unless otherwise designated. During the month of August, Tri-Basin NRD usually holds the meeting at another location within the district in conjunction with the Annual Board of Directors Tour.

Notice of the Board of Directors Meeting is published in the Holdrege Daily Citizen (newspaper of record). Notice of the meeting is also published in the Minden Courier, Elwood Bulletin and Kearney Hub.


Board of Directors

Brian Bergstrom
Sub-District #3
Joe Bilka Director Tri-Basin NRD
Sub-District #4 - Vice Chariman
Todd Garrelts
Sub-District #4 - Chairman
Joel Grams
Sub-District #5
David Grimes
Sub-District #6
Ed Harris
Sub-District #2
Robin Hinrichs
Sub-District #3 - Secretary
Joe Larson
Sub-District #2
Bradley Lundeen
Sub-District #5
Reed Philips
Sub-District #1
David Raffety
Sub-District #6
Larry Reynolds
Sub-District #1
Jeff Ryan
At Large - Treasurer


Dana Christensen
Water Resources Technician
Tammy Fahrenbruch
Water Programs Coordinator
Lori Hagan
Office Clerk
Sasha Hahn
Information & Education Coordinator
Nolan Little
Water Resources Manager
Carie Lynch
Administrative Secretary
Nate Munter
Land Resources Manager
Pat Nott
Water Resources Technician
Water Programs Specialist
Dalton Refior
Land Resources Technician
Esther Smith
Office Assistant
John Thorburn
General Manager
Jeff VanEperen
Water Resources Technician

Field Offices

Lisa Schroeder
Minden NRCS Secretary
Carolyn Schaaf
Elwood NRCS Secretary
Tami Reese
Holdrege NRCS Secretary