Trees in a row

Conservation Trees Available from TBNRD

With spring just around the corner, now is the time to consider planting conservation trees in a windbreak or shelterbelt on your property. Tri-Basin Natural Resources District (NRD) sells conservation tree seedlings and offers tree planting services to residents of Gosper, Phelps, and Kearney Counties.

If you are a rural landowner who wants to have a windbreak or shelterbelt planted, contact your county NRCS office or the NRD office at 1-877-995-6688 for help in determining the type and number of trees and shrubs you need. Tri-Basin NRD offers cost-share funds for tree plantings and plastic mulch installation.

You can also purchase trees and shrubs to plant by hand through Tri-Basin NRD. Orders must be in multiples of 25 per species. Call the NRD office for a complete list of trees available or visit the Tri-Basin NRD website to print an order form. Weed barrier may be purchased at the NRD office as well. This barrier not only suppresses weeds but also helps to preserve soil moisture.

Windbreaks and shelterbelts provide many benefits. Windbreaks planted along field boundaries reduce soil erosion by reducing wind velocity. Shelterbelts planted around farmsteads reduce heating costs in homes and shop buildings. Shelterbelts can protect livestock from blizzards and serve as "living snow fences". Trees and shrubs also provide food, shelter, and nesting habitat for many species of birds and mammals.