ET Data Texted to You

ET Data from 3 locations across TBNRD for Corn & Beans

In place of the Water Use Hotline we are offering A texting service for ET Data Monday thru Friday. 

Daily (D) and Future 3 Days (F3d) estimated water use will be given for both Corn and Soybeans (Beans) at three locations across the district: Holdrege 5N (Hld), Axtell 5NE (Axt) and Smithfield 2E (Smfld). An example of a text is on the right.  call Sasha at Tri-Basin NRD (308-995-6688) with any questions or comments.

To sign up, text ETDATA to 80123 or call Tri-Basin NRD at 308-995-6688 and request to be added.