PRD Pasture

Grazing Opportunities within Tri-Basin NRD

Two grazing opportunities are available in the Tri-Basin NRD this year. The City of Holdrege is seeking cattlemen to graze Lake Seldom West (SE ¼ Sec 5-5-18, Phelps Co. Nebraska). Both grass and wetlands will be grazed.  Grazing is needed to keep upland grass and wetlands in early successional diverse condition. Grazing will initially be directed towards newly emergent perennial wetland plants in wetland footprint acres.

Tri-Basin NRD and Lower Republican NRD seek cattlemen to graze their herds at the Platte Republican Diversion pasture (SE ¼ Sec 11-7-22, E ½ Sec 14-7-22, W ½ Sec 13-7-22 Gosper Co. Nebraska). Grazing is needed to keep upland grass in diverse condition.

More information and a bid format of these locations can be found here.

Lake Seldom West

Platte Republican Diversion Pasture