Lake Seldom West Grazing Bid Description

Lake Seldom

Lake Seldom West Grazing Bid Description

Scope of Work

The City of Holdrege seeks cattlemen to graze their herds at Lake Seldom West (SE ΒΌ Sec 5-5-18, Phelps Co. Nebraska). Both grass and wetlands will be grazed. Grazing is needed to keep upland grass and wetlands in early successional diverse condition. Grazing will initially be directed towards newly emergent perennial wetland plants in wetland footprint acres.  The maximum stocking rate is 75 AUM (Animal Unit Month).  Grazing needs to occur between May 15, 2024, to August 15, 2024.  Subsequent annual leases will be available to the winning cooperator if an evaluation of 2024 grazing is positive.  Stocking rates, timing and duration will be planned for annually.


Bids must be received by April 1, 2024

Stocking Rate 2024

Approx. 75 AUM (Animal Unit Month)

Animal Unit 

Cow calf pair, 1 Steer or bull, bred or open cow/heifer, weaned calf =1


Bidding: Bids will be for $ per 1 AUM (1 AU (Animal Unit) x 30 (days) 

A bid sheet may be obtained at the Tri-Basin NRD or may be printed below.


Herd size: We are looking for a herd size of 25 AUs to graze the property for 3 months. 

Special provisions: Area to be grazed may need more, or less grazing to reach management objectives.  In such a situation grazing duration may be shortened or extended at original winning bid rate per AUM.  Temporary herd number adjustments may be required or additional isolated/focused grazing.

Fence Maintenance: Entire perimeter fence will be inspected by Tri-Basin NRD Land Manager (or other representative) and winning bidder before cattle are turned out, and again after grazing.  Any damage that occurs during grazing must be repaired by the winning bidder.  All temporary fences will be provided by and removed entirely by the winning bidder.


Water: There is a well and water tank available on this property.