Tri-Basin NRD Gosper County Fire Damage Relief

Well site fire damaged

Tri-Basin NRD Gosper County Fire Damage Relief

Tri-Basin NRD Board of Directors held an emergency meeting on April 15th to clarify how the district will assist constituents in Gosper County who suffered damage due to the windstorms and wildfires that have occurred over the past ten days. The board approved two motions:

Tri-Basin will terminate the current Union Township allocation period for certified irrigated acres at the end of 2022. Irrigators will have nine inches per acre of carry-over in the next allocation period, which will commence in 2023. Irrigators in Union Township can pump as much water as they believe is necessary to help them establish cover crops, suppress fire or control dust in 2022, in addition to their regular irrigation requirements. All irrigators will start the next allocation period with nine inches per acre of carry over water, in addition to their regular allocation.

Tri-Basin will replace damaged flowmeters in Gosper County resulting from the April 2022 uncontrolled wildfire. Tri-Basin will also help landowners remove and replant windbreaks damaged by wildfires. HOWEVER, Landowners must apply for cost-share assistance. Contact the NRD or the Elwood NRCS office for details.

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