NOTE:  The UNL website that housed this information in the past is back up and running in 2021.  See link near the bottom of this page along with instructions.


Past Weeks Crop Water Use (ET)

1. Select the site location closest to your field.

2. Select the average crop stage for your field during the past week as dated on the chart.

3. You can see the weekly average and the daily average Crop Water Use.


Predicting Upcoming Weeks ET (Crop Water Use)

1. Select the site location closest to your field.

2. Select the average crop stage your crop will be for the upcoming week.

3. Make note of what the average Crop Water Use was this past week for your upcoming weeks crop stage.

4. Knowing what the weather was this past week and knowing what the weather forecast is for the upcoming week, you can predict an estimated Crop Water Use for the upcoming week.


Below are the Crop ET’s for the week indicated on the chart.  These ET’s come from atmometers located across the Tri-Basin NRD.  See map above.

These locations are in addition to the High Plains Regional Climate Center weather stations.


NAWMN Weekly Crop ET Aug 30 -  Sept 5


This information can also be found on the following website:
  • Click “View Weekly ET Data”
  • Select your county with the drop down arrow and click the “GO” button
  • Select the red balloon nearest your field
  • Select the corn or soybeans tab, or any other crop you may want
  • The left column is the most recent weekly data.  Find your week at the top, select crop stage on the far left, and where the two meet in the chart is your fields crop water use for the week.  Divide by 7 days to get an average per day ET for the past week.

ET Data can also be found on Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District Website.