TBNRD Groundwater Elevation 2018-2020 vs Baseline

Tri-Basin Natural Resources District Surveys Little Blue Basin Water Users

Holdrege, Nebraska - Tri-Basin NRD is surveying of water users within the Little Blue Basin portion of the district. Groundwater levels in parts of the Little Blue basin have been declining for several years. The Tri-Basin NRD board of directors is looking for feedback to determine the most effective way to address the problem. If you are a groundwater user within the Little Blue Basin in the Tri-Basin NRD please complete the survey as soon as possible and return it. Paper surveys were mailed out to water users. If you did not receive one and you use groundwater within the Little Blue portion in Kearney County, please contact the Tri-Basin NRD, 308-995-6688. The survey is also available digitally by going to the Tri-Basin NRD website at www.tribasinnrd.org/little-blue.